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Why do I need to have my translation certified?

Certifying a translation confirms a text’s original content, that is, it attests that a given translation is indeed a true translation of the original, formally proving its accuracy. To make sure that a translation is truly certified, you need to make sure that it is carried out by a sworn translator or that it has been completed by an accredited language provider like Euris Consult Limited. Certified translations in Malta are provided by virtually all translation companies and language service providers who are authorised to act as certifying bodies. Locally, a person or entity registered with the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs in Malta may issue a certified translation.

This certification enables the holder to present his/her documentation together with the certified translation to official bodies, be they educational institutions, governmental entities or otherwise. In fact, certified translations may be required in the context of study/work purposes but also in the wider context of international business. Companies entering a foreign market and businesses in the process of establishing themselves require certified document translations to be able to operate and expand their business.

However, even individuals may require to have their translations certified. Documents that are to be used abroad for legal purposes are translated and certified before being presented in a foreign country. The most common certified translations usually are personal certificates like birth, marriage, death, divorce and civil status certificates, academic certificates, government documents, passports, residence permits and identification documents. However as aforementioned, we also certify business/corporate and legal documents, medical documentation, financial statements, bank statements, utility bills, visa applications, among many others.

Our certified translations carry our Euris Consult Limited stamp and the project manager/director’s signature, the company’s contact details, as well as the date of the translation. Thus, you can be assured that each translation is not only officially recognised, but also that it is a high-quality and professionally executed translation issued by a professional language service provider, as is Euris Consult Limited. Our professional team of translators have demonstrated extensive experience in various sectors, ensuring their fluency in industry-specific and/or technical terminology, and in turn, this enables us to provide our clients with consistent quality translations.

You might be confused about whether you need to have your translation(s) certified, and if you do, you might not be sure about the type of certification which you may be requested to provide. For instance, sometimes you may be asked to accompany your document with a certificate of accuracy or you might need to apostille, legalise or notarise your document or have the certification of the translated content completed before a legally qualified professional like a notary or a lawyer. Fret not however. These can be explained in detail by our team, in order for us to provide the most suitable certification service for your needs. Once we receive your document(s), we will be able to provide you with our quotation including the certification fees and our delivery timeframes.

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