Why are transcription services important?

Transcription is the process by which speech in an audio file is converted into written text. Transcription in the business world includes, but is not limited to, creating a transcript of audio or video files of various interactions that happen at work such as meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops etc.

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The Scope of A Translation Company in Today World

Translation is the conversion of written text from one language to another. The original language of the document is commonly referred to as the source language, whereas the language in which the document needs to be translated is referred to as target language, or the receptor language.

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Maltese, the fascinating language of Malta

The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English and both are fluently spoken by the majority of the Maltese population. The Maltese language–‘il-Malti’ - is recognised as one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. Interestingly, this Semitic language is only spoken by around half a million people in the whole world!

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What is the role of a translator?

There are 7139 languages spoken today all around the globe, in over 195 different countries, each with their own rules and cultures. Communication is everything; it is a crucial part of our daily lives and translation is one of the keys to areciprocaland fruitful understanding between human beings.

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