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EU Institutions

We have been translation contractors to major EU institutions, amongst which the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Auditors. Official attestation of our performance in these contracts is available to prospective clients.

Major Corporations and Government

We have localised Microsoft applications and others into Maltese. Euris Consult Limited has collaborated successfully with renowned LSPs, including Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., at the time ranked second largest global LSP.
We have also worked for international companies providing technical literature and product information to the large global corporations.
Government agencies, ministries and departments have also used our services whenever our bid was successful. A list of projects will be supplied to any interested prospective client to whom it may be relevant.

Local Private Corporations and Clients

We have a sizeable local client base consisting of well-known private companies and corporate service providers, legal and audit firms and others we have been servicing for a long number of years. We are proud of their continued trust in our services through their repeat orders. These are not being publicised for confidentiality reasons, but we can ask for their permission so that any seriously interested client may contact them for recommendation.

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