Professional Transcription Services in Malta

Professional Transcription Services in Malta


At Euris Consult Limited we not only provide the standard TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) services but we also provide professional transcription services whereby we transcribe a wide range of English-language audio files across different industries. The transcribed files might be required by our clients for various reasons and in various settings, including in professional job interviews, presentations, research purposes, record-keeping, school settings, journalistic purposes, medical scenarios or for pharmaceutical companies, and even in court proceedings. Professional transcription services basically refer to the process of converting speech, provided by our clients in a simple audio file, into written text, presented in a structured and meaningful way. Of course, clients may prefer to have their audio files transcribed in raw format, meaning the text is not ‘cleaned’ or ‘polished’.

However, most of the time, when clients contact a professional transcription services company, not only do they wish to have a written record of their speech or audio, but they would also request to have the text neatly presented, for example, by listing the speakers in a conversation, removing dialectic expressions, personal ticks or speech fillers, and clearing away other audible distractions that might muddle the verbal elements of a given audio file. Speech disfluencies in fact refer to any irregularities, breaks, non-lexical utterances, and repetitions or corrections the speaker makes during a speech which might hinder the flow of speech. Transcribers offering professional transcription services are well-trained to treat audio files accordingly and present a meaningful text to their client without omitting or altering in any way the message of the speaker(s). This is fundamental in transcription as it is in the process of translation, editing or proofreading of text.

Today, many speech-to-text programs and sophisticated software can to some extent bypass the work of the transcriber; however in most cases, and especially when it comes to speech of a sensitive, confidential or very detailed nature, clients prefer to opt for professional transcription services, such as the ones offered in Malta by Euris Consult Ltd, to have their documents handled by a professional rather than a machine. The clients thus have the not-so-small advantage of being able to contact the company directly and explain their requirements, and in turn the transcriber can yield a professional transcription without the risk of having jumbled-up text, or worse still, wrongly transcribed passages, which can especially happen when computer programs fail to make sense of human speech, such as in the case of heavy accents or frequent speech disfluencies.

Offering professional transcription services might appear, at first glance, to be counterintuitive in a modern world pervaded by a culture that is heavily reliant on audio and video mediums. However, suffice is to watch a handful of videos on YouTube or Instagram to realise how helpful it is to have written text corresponding to the speech in the clip or media content. Obviously, the scope of professional transcription services goes much beyond the simple transcription of viral online videos. Besides ensuring an indelible written record of a video or audio file, professional transcription services assist in several settings including in cases of hearing-impairment, in investigative or journalistic scenarios, in police or judicial contexts, and for several other purposes, as described earlier. Please email us on if you require professional transcription services in Malta and we will provide you with a quote for free.

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