Translation Maltese Language Company

Translation Maltese Language Company

Simply put, the translation of a language into another is the process of converting written words from one language into another language, called the target language, in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate so it can convey the correct message to its intended readers. In this sense, language translation refers specifically to written text, while interpreting refers to speech or spoken word.

Euris Consult Limited is a Maltese company which specialises in the translation, proofreading and editing of all kinds of texts from several EU and non-EU languages into Maltese. As a language solutions provider, we know that clear communication is the first step to build trust with our private and corporate clients. Hence, we make sure that we listen to our clients’ needs and strive to meet and exceed them. Even though the local market is on the smaller side when it comes to translating from and into the Maltese language, we are pleased to see a growing interest and demand from both individuals and agencies to have their material, be it online or otherwise, translated and/or proofread.

Businesses unquestionably want to reach the widest audience possible and translating their portfolio, website content or their marketing material certainly aids reaching this aim. However, translations requests to or from the Maltese language are not limited to business expansion material; many private individuals may need to translate personal documentation, professional qualifications or legal text for instance, while businesses tend to require translation of a rather different nature: these can vary from technical requirements, health and safety or medical data, cultural or media-related text, to registration or corporate documentation or other industry-specific documents.

Since Malta’s joining the European Union in 2004, translations into the Maltese language have increased dramatically due to the attention drawn to all the languages of the members of the European Union including the less spoken ones. Euris Consult Limited was established only a couple of years before Malta’s accession to the EU, so it now boasts almost twenty years of quality linguistic services namely into the Maltese language provided to various European Union institutions, like the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Our team of translators has ample training and experience in various niches including the medical, legal, or business fields, which enables them to be proficient at their jobs. They have extensive ability to research words and concepts, and this is accompanied by excellent grammar and stylistic skills in both languages (or more) being handled. They also receive the necessary training to be able to use CAT tools, ensure quality control, and generally be familiar with the procedures, standards, and terminology associated with the language services industry.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that even though in Malta most persons are bilingual and are therefore proficient in two languages – Maltese and English – this does not qualify them as professional interpreters or translators. Translators need formal education which spans over a number of years and which ultimately provides them not only with their professional qualifications, but most importantly with the necessary skills including those mentioned above, to be effective at their jobs.

If you are looking for a reputable company to assist you with your translation, proofreading or copy-editing needs, whether it is to/from the Maltese language or any other language combination, do not hesitate to contact us so that we may discuss the best way forward. Please email us on and we will provide you with a quote for free.

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