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How many languages are there in the world?

Currently, there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages, though it is estimated that as many as 2,000 of these languages are not widely spoken. Most language service providers, including translation companies, offer Translation Various Language Combinations in about forty of the most commonly used languages, with English being the most common language that documents are translated into. Today virtually all translation companies offer translation services in multiple language combinations, often the target language being the native tongue in which the company and its team of translators operate.

If we look back at how the translation industry evolved in recent decades, we can pinpoint machine translations and translation software as the main elements that basically changed the translation game. Technology has facilitated translation of language pairs but also of multiple language combinations; what’s more is that these can be done instanteously and/or consistently, though not always accurately or reliably enough. Ultimately, when you are translating a text in any translation language combination, no computer can rival a human translation carried out professionally and meticulously, taking into consideration a client’s specific needs and the document’s unicity.

For instance, you might need to translate text into several languages taking into account the cultural aspects of the country or place in which that particular language is spoken, therefore translation plays an important role of crossing through different cultures and communication. When translating to and from the various language combinations, a good translator should be aware of and sensitive to cultural factors, views and traditions and consider, among others, the historical, religious and political background of the source text. The intention is to evoke the same response as the source text, which might prove challenging when translating into multiple language combinations.

Generally speaking, the need for translation depends on a number of factors, but economic developments and political factors are often key contributors. Business trends dictate the prevalent language combinations when it comes to the translation of administrative, financial, business, technical and literary text offered by a translation company. Firms with international trade translate often choose to translate anything that may reach their clients, from marketing brochures to branded merchandise in order to increase their market presence. Moreover, an increase in demand for non-English languages, coupled with a global environment in which any company can achieve international reach, means that demand for language conversion services is growing rapidly. The translation industry has come a long way in the last decades, and in this ever-globalised world with this endless flow of information, there will certainly never be a shortage of requirements for quality translations in various multiple language combinations.

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