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Why are transcription services important?

transcription services

Transcription is the process by which speech in an audio file is converted into written text. Transcription in the business world includes, but is not limited to, creating a transcript of audio or video files of various interactions that happen at work such as meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops etc., for both present and future use. Transcription services may also be required in court settings or in academic research, but also in less formal scenarios like political discourse, radio shows, podcasts and even in wedding or birthday speeches. Euris Consult Ltd is the translation company in Malta you are looking for to professionally transcribe your desired recordings.

Audio and video content has become increasingly fundamental to marketing; however, companies are discovering that transcription is equally important; in order to reach a larger audience, one should always combine multimedia and transcription. People have different preferences on how to engage with online content, so it is always best to provide information that can be viewed, heard and read. Some find videos very appealing, while others prefer audio. Transcription gives your audience the opportunity to read and analyse the material, and for some this is still their preferred way of absorbing knowledge. The inclusion of a transcript under your audio or video content also makes it more shareable. If you are looking for a transcription company in Malta to enhance your marketing tools, look no further.

Transcription may significantly improve your SEO strategy. Generally, websites that contain only podcasts and videos and no text do not rank very high on search rankings. Transcripts are normally full of keywords that define your market and will therefore improve the visibility of your website, since they are easily indexable by search engines.

Transcription is becoming increasingly important since a percentage of the target audience watches video without audio due to environment constraints, lack of accessibility or personal preference. Transcripts also ensure that the hearing-impaired are not discriminated against and are given the opportunity to read any content on your website. Giving equal access to information should be your number one goal. Having a transcription accompanying audio or video would also make it possible for users to use screen-reading technology, thus increasing user accessibility.

Transcribing audio files is time-consuming and not the most glamorous of tasks. Secretaries or personal assistants typically join board meetings in order to take down notes, afterwards confirm the agenda items with the meeting attendees and then provide the minutes of the meeting as soon as possible to the rest of the team. Today, it is common knowledge that the most practical and efficient way to go about this is transcription as there would be no risk of missing any important notes, while all attendees are able to focus on the meeting itself. Euris Consult is a translation, proofreading and transcription company in Malta which can provide you peace of mind and ensure maximum confidentiality when transcribing your audio/video recordings. This will save your company precious time and your staff will be able to focus on more profitable tasks.

Professional transcribers are trained and qualified and are able to carry out this task in a much shorter time than the untrained person would. Also, and with the help of transcription software, we are accustomed to transcribing a variety of accents and pronunciations, as well as different speaking rates. In addition to this, the text would also go through a proofreading stage carried out by a specialised linguist, in order to deliver an accurate and high-quality final product which normally includes speech tags, timestamps and filters out filler words where necessary. This ensures a professional final product and improves readability.

If you are a business owner, contacting a Transcription Company in Malta or abroad can help your offer another medium to access data and not rely solely on audio-visual material, ultimately reaching more and more people through as many different channels as possible. Contacting a transcription company in Malta is also your go-to option if you simply wish to have a written record of any audio/video, be it an AGM, a voice-recorded medical report, a lecture, a journalist’s footage, a witness statement, or any other spoken material.

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